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VeneersPurely cosmetic, dental veneers are ultra-thin covers that permanently adhere to your teeth. Used to correct discoloration, gaps, or malformed teeth,veneers can enabled you to have the smile you want without costly and lengthy invasive procedures.They can be applied to one or more teeth.

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If you are considering veneers, you should plan for at least three trips to the dentist. Your first visit will be a consultation. Veneers should only be placed on healthy teeth, so during your consultation, your dentist will ensure veneers can be applied to your teeth. Your consultation will also give you and your dentist an opportunity to discuss your vision of your teeth, as well as a timeline and options for the veneers.

During your second visit, a very thin layer of enamel (less than a millimeter) will be removed from any teeth receiving veneers. Anesthesia can be used during this process but is not usually needed. Afterward, an impression is taken and a model made, so your veneers can be constructed at a lab. Temporary veneers are then placed on your teeth until the permanent ones arrive.

At your third visit, you’ll be fitted with your new veneers. During the fitting, the veneers will be taken on and off your teeth several times, so the dentist can trim them for a perfect fit. Once he/she is satisfied your veneers are correctly shaped, the dentist will etch your teeth and apply a special cement to affix the veneers in place. The cement is cured, setting it, using an ultraviolet light; then, any excess cement is removed from around your teeth. The dentist will make sure the veneers do not interfere with your bite and are fitting comfortably before you leave.

Although not required, a follow up visit is recommended to ensure your veneers are fitting and functioning properly. Follow up visits are normally scheduled for one to two weeks after you receive your permanent veneers.

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