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DenturesDentures are a huge change for your mouth. As expected, they require several dental appointments to construct and even more time to become used to. If you are planning to get dentures, expect to spend at least a month in the process. Both full and partial dentures are available.

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The first visit to us will be to assess your denture needs and plan the course of your treatment. If any teeth need to be pulled, they will have to be removed and the gums given time to heal before any other denture preparation can begin.

Because it is so important your dentures conform perfectly to your mouth, several sets of impressions and trial dentures will be created before you receive your permanent set of dentures. You will also spend time choosing both the shape and shade of your new teeth, so your dentures will look and feel natural in your mouth.

The second and third appointments will consist of taking impressions of your gums and teeth so an accurate model can be made. Initial impressions are taken during the second visit. These impressions are shipped to a lab. The lab willcreate impression trays, which are then used in your next visit to take more accurate impressions of your gums and teeth. From these second set of impressions, a trial set of dentures are made.

You’ll be given the trial dentures at your next visit to wear for a week or two in order to determine the fit. If they are comfortable and fitting well, a permanent pair of dentures can be made. If the trials do not work for any reason, the dentist will make adjustments and a new trial pair will be made. This process can be repeated until both you and your dentist are happy with your dentures. Once the permanent dentures are created, you will come in for a final fitting and can go home confident in your new teeth.

Don’t forget. Even with full dentures, you will still need regular dental visits to allow the dentist to check the health of your gums and mouth.

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